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Jul 2013
biggie biggie biggie can’t you see
sometimes your words just hypnotize me
i find myself eyes closed
bobbing my head
you coming on my shuffle after taylor swift
and for a minute, I’m there
I’m in Bed Stuy
I’m in Brooklyn and I am half a gangster
I’m not educated on the east coast west coast rivalry,
but biggie i’d swim to any coast for you.
now i live on the south side of a one mile town in jersey
but biggie when i hear you
i relate to ten crack commandments
i know to never get high on your own supply
but to be honest i can’t remember
if you smoke crack or inject it
so i wouldn’t be able to get high on anybody’s supply
but I just love your flashy ways
you’re OG
which i just learned means Original Gangster
blinged out
and you have managed to capture the heart
of this suburban white girl
born three years before you got shot
Biggie you’ve got me throwin my hands in the air
like im a true playah’
but i don’t know what game we’re playin’
and whatever game it is, i’m probably not a true player
all i know is i would love it to call you Big Poppa
I can’t stop my body from moving to your flow
somehow when you say
“So gimme a ***, a bankroll and a bag of ****
I'm guaranteed to **** her till her nose bleed”
it sounds more romantic than a Shakespearean sonnet
and somehow i have it in my head
that we would hang out if you weren’t dead
and we could chill and do whatever
even though we’re more different than,,,
black and white?
i wanna say we’re kindred spirits
but i don’t even think that’s true
all i know is i’ll listen to you wherever whenever
but especially in those moments when a
white girl just needs to feel a tiny bit more gangster
Written by
Ariel G
   Nicole Pierson
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