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Jul 2013
Stars are a beautiful, yet misleading, occurrence - they seem so close yet are so far away -
we can pull them in on a string at will, but their power will always keep us at bay.
A pale blue dot, we are from a far; yet up close we are people and buildings and cars.
All with lives we believe are our own, but what if from one we all had once flown?
One single energy experiencing billions of wonders, all with a mind and dreams when asunder?
All with ambitions and fears and with doubt. All with intelligence shadowed in clout.
Optics is truth, but isn't appearance, it lay in us all and we hold it with reverence.
But what you may see may not be what's there. But what you do feel, will always be fair.
From star dust we came, and will one day return. This is the truth, the truth which I yearn.
James Tyler
Written by
James Tyler  Memphis
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