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Jul 2013
You'll hate this
And I can't blame you,
Cause I'm attacking who you were
in your darkest, most vulnerable, hate-fueled moments
of angst and depression.
And I'm telling you we'd rather ignore it,
Deal with it and destroy it. I'm sorry.

But please let me be honest
and ask,
"Why do so many of us deliberate
on the negative aspects?"
They don't want to know.
(I'm sorry if this strikes home;)
That's not even me talking. It's them.

I've seen beautiful, heart-wrenching things put to paper,
And they deserve to be there.
I've read furious, misguided anger in pieces,
And it can serve to inspire. But,
The masses that surround you
never wanna know what's eating you.
For that I apologize.

I'd ask you to consider my words before you dismiss them
but that would contradict my entire point of view.
Please ignore this, you'll be better off for it.
No one cares about the depressed part of you,
Apart from those who are just as bad as you.
****, that's dark.
And it's all I've got.

Here I am sprouting a futile work,
A poem, hah,
More like a farce.
This is either deeply ironic
or incredibly dumb.
Does it matter?
We're still numb.

So why all the death and misery?
And why the anger and fury!
You gotta express your sadness?
You gotta expel your madness!
Story of my life.
I'm starting to think that
they really hate us. Why?

Because we dare to hope.
One last thing for those
who will not be dissuaded so easily:
Bring back the rhyme,
Rhythm will follow,
And then the jive.
And never give up.
Would you censure a nightmare?
Mydriasis Aletheia
Written by
Mydriasis Aletheia  25/Other/The Empyrean
(25/Other/The Empyrean)   
   --- and Fah
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