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Jul 2013
Oh, dearest future brings not plentiful hopes but plentiful fears,
Oh dearest troubles comes not in singles but in plentiful pairs,
So draw not the sword to fight off thy troubles that come near,
And wield not the shield to defend against the pains that we bear,
But waits the impeding horizon that greatness comes in fiery form,
As thy trouble retreats in fear and treachery upon the passing storm.

Yet pass the horizon is but another reachable horizon before thee,
Yet too awaits plentiful fears and troubles that shall spawn a'sea.
So bare that too, for an impeding horizon is but just ahead,
And through the plentiful pains and sufferings are thy to tread,
And shall wait upon the fleeing of thy troubles and fear of these.
Before the passing of the horizon and see'st another to seize.
Jay M Wong
Written by
Jay M Wong
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