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Dec 2020
losing interests in the things that kept him going
solutions and alternatives a neverending stampede of constantly changing impulses fueling desires to outdo himself at every turn
days of writing, smiling and talking nothing more than a distant memory
turned to drinking and drugs to cope with the torment thrown at his mind threshing to rip apart every sense of happiness ever conceived
but even that has an end
the alcohol burning his throat yet the effect weakens with each sip
the smoke attacking his lungs nothing more than an annoyance designed to cope
searching for adrenaline
something to make the hollow skull he carries around feel a little semblance of life

Crimson staining the floor, the newest addition to a self destructive addiction dragging him closer to his ultimate goal but farther from the bliss he needs
a bullet in the chamber the click sending shock through his body, a drug that could never be replicated
the new Era of intrigue assaulting the forefront of his mind with a craving to try more

scars covering his body, the feeling still the same as it was the very first time, blood now covering the floor, but no regret to wash away the stains
one beautiful in the chamber, ready to go staring in the mirror for a moment reveling in the mindset, knowing the end is mere seconds away
no fear, no regrets, a smile blazened across his cheeks, boyish delight fueling his muscles to cooperate.

slowly constricting, the cold metal screaming against his temple, but that click never came
only silence.
Bradyn McCall
Written by
Bradyn McCall  21/M/Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
(21/M/Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)   
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