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Dec 2020
She doesn't stroll on water
But makes a drop taste sweet,
There are no wings upon Her back
But you'll hover off your feet.

Whenever She glides into a room
No halo on Her head,
Her presence transforms any traces of doom,
Your spirit will be fed.

With hope for all the future
What was blindfolded before,
Bursts in rays of colour
As She takes you on a tour.

All unanswered questions, hey!
"What is the meaning of life?"
She answers with a single smile,
To children, husbands, wifes.

If She had a halo
She would lock it in a chest,
Far be it from Her, She thinks,
To feel She is the best.

That modesty, those charismatic
Eyes, that shining aura,
Enough to make a dying spirit
Rise from out the corner

   But who guards the Angels?
Who keeps watch?
Protecting such an important being,
It's not a job to botch.

For though She doesn't know it
If life's cruelty makes Her stumble,
Then other souls who matter,
Could end up in downwards tumbles.

It isn't fair, the pressure,
Living Her life for everyone,
And this is how the shackled Wolf,
Has burst into the sun!

Chained and tortured, the Lone Wolf
Eventually was blind to light,
He needed a purpose, a mission in life,
Else die in dark and fright.

So now, inspired by an Angel,
He has finally seen the way,
Manacled but inspired,
He grows stronger every day.

The Wolf will never be as strong
As She who breaks chains for everyone!
But as long as She can turn to him,
All that matters to him is done.

She protects the people from,
The cruel, the nasty, the foul,
And any who try to move in Her way,
Will hear the Lone Wolf's growl.

So if you feel a glow one day,
At you the Angel may well be shining,
And running at Her heels, Her faithful servant,
Will no longer be whining.
For JC, my light in dark places
Written by
Luke  29/M/Colchester, UK
(29/M/Colchester, UK)   
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