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Dec 2020
👧🏿🧒🏻👧🏼..Expectant children decorate their Christmas tree
                  Offerings to the tree are made
                  Garlands, lighting and hand drawn images appear
                  The tree wide awake for Christmas eve

I slumber through the years
Nemeton am protected
My girth is expanding
Limbs branching out
Tap roots secure my soul

My time in earth is soon to finish
So I must prepare
Engage thru progenitors
Meditating joy to spread
Contemplation of upheaval to come

A sleigh draws up
Snow crystals fly with the driver’s sneeze
Smiling and doffing an elven hood
A tingle to my core
Arousing me from my sleep

Its time to pull myself from the earth clutches
I sprawl onto the sleigh
Arrive we do below an aurora borealis
Elves hold leashes to the solar winds
Empty boxes are being piled high on the sleigh

The elf starts to dress me
Two large baubles
A large red blanket and belt
Moccasin boots
I stand transformed

Reindeers hooves dig into the snow
Whilst solar tethers are attached
Climbing pulled by the solar sail
Time starts to slacken
Waving elf’s below now frozen in time

The silver light of sleeping homes appear below
A cousin opens a window
Enchanted boxes I pass across
Children's aspirations start to appear
Each box now filled by a touch of their tree

The sleigh knows where to go
Reaching all my house bound cousins
Carrots will be welcomed
Drinks duly absorbed
No advent signs left behind

Returning the sleigh lands gracefully
Time resumes
My work is done
Love is strengthened for this world
The friendly elf delicately removes the traces of Christmas from me

Natures bio-presence
I am re-formed
Unable to plant my feet I am spent
I lay down along with all my Christmas cousins
And await the renascence

Soon the wishes of many
Come true
The gifts are being opened
An outbreak of happiness unveiled
Affection unfolds

Many will not have a Christmas tree
Or a  home
Maybe sick
Or have no parents
Think of them this Christmas day 🧑‍🎄
How does Santa come down the chimney? How does he know what every child wants for Christmas? A poem for children's imagination in decorating their tree is repaid.
kevin wright
Written by
kevin wright  uk
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