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Jul 2013
I don't hangout with normal people, they do not see me as their equal,
I'm a strange, deranged mind who to them represents evil...
A pigeon who needs to be fed or fed on by an eagle
I guess your rough perceptions, and strong question never really did ever make for a sequel.
So lets end your story, poetic hunters feigning for glory...
Who cut our words short, adjectives, ****** and gory
And my complex thinking, they simply ignore me!
But they'll cause an action as soon as their pockets scream "poor me!"
I wonder if we're heading for a direction that we were in before me?

Turn a skeptic into a believer..
Turn a failure into a achiever..
Turn a group of hopeless followers into brave and bold leaders
Approach a woman with caution
She just may be a deceiver
Who prays on naive men, rips their hearts out and then mentally eats em!
Take life 12 rounds, don't let the knockout beat ya
Be your own star, don't settle for someone else's feature

I tend to over-think
What most of society thinks
I also sometimes wonder
If they'd help me if I ever sink?
I can't be to concerned
Disaster strikes in a blink
Learn to survive, too stay alive
If you wanna avoid jumping off the plank.

Ready to finish this song off
With a mind that is usually wrote off
Cause I think of society as a place where, media rules and we're all a cost
Breathing in fresh exhaust
While feeling the burn of the world's frost
Leaving the good people, hurt, in a daze and just all lost
My hands are bleeding freedom as I pray and hope for freedom
Locked up as a poetic peasant
Stuck in a mindless kingdom...

Where the bad outweighs the good
Hunting on poetic thinking
Cause poetic minds are targeted and never understood!

-Dougie Simps
Simple thing I wrote today. share, comment and enjoy!
Dougie Simps
Written by
Dougie Simps  NYC
   Anna Vigue, ---, Corinne, ---, Emma S and 2 others
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