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Jul 2013
I want to be depressing.
I want to be depressed.
If I did it wouldn't solve anything.
I couldn't give any less.

There are things in my possession
I can't get rid of no matter how I try.
I won't ever learn my lesson,
no matter how much I cry.

I think I could leave right now.
Go somewhere and not exist.
I will disappear without you knowing how.
I don't think there is more than this.

Stop following.
Stop caring.
Stop wallowing.
Stop staring.

I will bleed,
for years upon years.
I don't like what I breed,
tears and fears.

If love begets hate,
then this shall end mine.
One last kiss, one last date,
one more embrace, one more time.

I wish it would go away,
I wish it could end right here.
I just want you to stay,
I just want to make it a year.

Start searching.
Start moving.
Start living.
Start loving.

We can start over.
We can start again.

I can feel it again.

30 minutes. This is the longest amount of time I have ever put into a poem. This one took 45. I will say with no ego that this is the best poem I have ever written. Jackie...this is for you.
Written by
David Walker  Ohio
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