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Dec 2020
one night I awoke
to a pain in my head
soon I realized
I wasn't alone in bed

next to me he sat
watching as I slept
staring into my face,
dripping blood onto my neck

our eyes met,
his were glassy and lifeless
we observed each other until
my gasp broke the silence

towering over me,
he leaned his head in
his face grew paler
and across it spread a grin

then he laughed
and asked if I was awake
all I could do in response
was tremble and shake

his voice settled,
raspy and thin
to hear his words
was nothing short of a sin

now every night
he awakes me from my sleep
leaving me to cry
sinking in the deep

so I spend my days
exhausted and drained
how do I break
these invisible chains?
Rosmary Penn
Written by
Rosmary Penn  Somewhere
       Imran Islam, alta mar and Melanii
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