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Jul 2013
I'm sitting, staring at this clock like a hawk.
Counting the seconds, minutes, hours, till we talk.
And while I wait, my heart breaks and I begin to shake, full of hate
towards myself and I scream for help,
but no one hears or sees my tears.

When I'm all alone and I need you most,
I'm banished to my room, with nothing to do.
Oh how I want to defy, my mother tonight, for making me say goodbye, with no reason why.
I get send to bed, I'm as good as dead
Cause without you, I am doomed.
I'll drown in my thoughts, and just stare at the clock,
I hear it tick and tock, I hear it mock,
me. Cause I'm stuck in my bed, lost in my head.

It's not  a want but a need, the air that I breathe,
if only others could see, that it is necessary,
for me to talk to you.
You're my guide when I'm lost, you block out my bad thoughts,
and you make my day, with the things you say.

Is it only me?
Can only I see?
That talking to you is a need,
*a life necessity.
Michelle Nyamekye
Written by
Michelle Nyamekye  Canada
   Erica M, Timothy and Chuck
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