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Dec 2020

The universe
waited outside herself

like an impatient taxi
already thinking of the next fare

after her
"Let it wait!" she thought to herself.

In exactly 5
and 25 minutes

Christmas would arrive
in all its cutomary vulgarity.

It now an Xmas
rather than a Christmas.

She on the other hand
walked through her memories

adrift  in an attic
looking for a lost angel.

Her childhood packed away
in boxes broken open

under the constraints
of time and age.

Days wrapped
in cobwebs.

The angel nowwhere
to be seen.

Here her headless horse
of the rocking variety.

Somehow getting by
on only three legs.

Time hadn't been kind
to it and her

being such
a boisterous child.

And here at last
the angel that had

set her on this journey
of discovery

finding this
lost self.

An angel absconding
from its duties topping the tree.

And glitterless.

a wing.

Her first doll still
gazing lovingly at her

through its one good
button eye hanging on by

a  blue coloured

Outside Christmas came
without her

even knowing it was

Mist hid everything
instead of snow.

Erasing reality
as it was

when she was

the little girl
of before.

The time being
always a Christmas Eve

that excited hush
of expectancy

rather than
the day itself.

The doll remembering her
as she was

when she kissed her
and cried all  over her.

"Oh oh...she's

Hugging her once again
to her chest.

The bells mounting the sky
announcing her joy.
Donall Dempsey
Written by
Donall Dempsey  Guildford
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