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Dec 2020
i have been on

funny how it's supposed to be anti
but all i feel it does
is allow

i feel too much
i think too much
i either sleep too much
or i don't sleep at all

never having anyone to call
rough times have come around
something in my mind, on the prowl

searching for help?
or searching to stay sane
these pills are changing my brain

this is normal to me
i don't like change
but everyone says
if i stay like this
i'll go insane
but who's to say
i haven't yet

intrusive thoughts
cloud my head
i don't even dread
they bring me delight
i don't even fight
i feel no will
to be better
i don't feel ill
i am fine
who i am

it's others who are insane
they're the ones who need their brain changed

they need to isolate for a few days
see if they don't hate people
as much as i do
because all they do
is *****
you over

people make you feel too much
people make you miss them
people make you want to kiss them
people make you want to even, **** them

i'm sick and tired of people
in my opinion
was the best thing to ever happen to me
something that came to mind. i'm having a flurry of creativity so here's some things that have been on my mind
Juliet Swan
Written by
Juliet Swan  F
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