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Dec 2020
I can’t sleep
I feel awful
Like I don’t feel good
In my nose
I want to party
Like a smarty
Like Lisa and baby Barty
It is hard my friend
I just can’t sleep
I walk up and down my house
Thinking why oh why
I have got things I need to do
Just Buddha give me strength
To get through this stuffy nose
Dear god
Please heal me
Please god hear my prayer
I don’t feel like sitting of sleeping
My mind is a fucken racing
What can I do
What the **** can I do
My hat rack fell down
It didn’t break nothing
But I think I don’t need it
Because it is a nuisance
I was singing Christmas carols
Having fun doing that
I really love life, mate
Yes that is grand
I like little babies
Cute cute cute
I just just just
Really love life
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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