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Dec 2020
To you I applaud.
Your eyes will always say more,
Than that you covey with,
Words and gestures recalled.

Thank you for your sypmathy,
And what you can afford with empathy.
What I can't explain,
You hold and wait.

For my words and what comes,
From them.
I'm sorry to fill your plate.
But you say it's ok.

It is not yet full,
And you could never have enough,
Of me!? You forgive my confusion,
You believe in my pull.

I'll still say what a fool.
Don't you see this pool?
I don't see where I'm standing,
Yet you're here with me.

The water is nice,
And I'm so good at,
Pretending to breathe.
Now we've rolled the dice.

Save yourself,
You are what is important.
Fate is not with me and,
I am not boyant.

After my admiration,
Please float away.
To show my weight,
Can't hold you and my obsession.

To sink rather than swim.
I can give you the excuse,
Of currents and lack of strength.
That goes to no length.

Your eyes tell me those,
Are my lies.
So why? When we try,
Do my feet stick.

The tears add to the pool,
And I move in everyway.
The ground swallows my ankles,
Making soft shackles.

I'm so good you believe too,
That I can breathe.
Thank you for listening to my plea.
I watch your eyes,

As they let go.
You now float and the grip,
It weakens then slips.
I'll say goodbye and standby.

I can breathe I say.
It was the best anyone could do.
You can't float, you don't want to.
It's better here, hidden, keep them safe.
My letter to those who have all left.
Written by
Celestial  22/F
   Jeremy Stacy
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