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Nov 2020
Our problems are
frequently creations
of our own social
and mental stagnation.

So, can you see a scenario
where the people that you
love and know
are dying fast and slow,
from a virus that we
could and should
have under control?

Can you comprehend
how helping your
fellow man
from different lands,
how communicating divergent
can helps us solve
emerging problems
as they evolve?

Can you understand
how not learning
from a stranger,
reduces the likely hood
that your neighborhood
will thrive or even get by.

As this tragedy’s grip tightens,
as your children are frighten
by the horror you were not
properly fighting,
how will it feel
when you realize
you once had the resources
to survive
but chose fear and hate,
instead of choosing
to save your own life?
Written by
Graff1980  40/M/Litchfield Illinois
(40/M/Litchfield Illinois)   
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