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Nov 2020
It is not the lion
or the wolf
you should fear.

It’s the howling storm
that breaks the chains
you hold so dear.

The attitude that shatters
all those sacred matters
which add up to
nothing but junk food
for the human mind.

All those
you let others impose,

all those
they told you
were not the right way to go,

the ones you knew
led to a brighter day.

I was not made
to devastate
the mental state
of hearts enslaved
by the corporate government
that barely pays minimum wage.

Destiny, was not laid before me,
I just happen to acquire
a brain that desires
to explore everything.

Fear is just the tool
used to cower fools.
Curiosity is what we all need,
to generate unlimited diversity
of dreams, scientific discoveries,
and great stories.

It will give us the power
to write new lights of insight
into our current reality,
opening up unknown possibilities,
and better ways to elevate to a higher state of free,
instead of the capitalistic prison and religion some love
that calls itself democracy.
Written by
Graff1980  40/M/Litchfield Illinois
(40/M/Litchfield Illinois)   
     Adaley June and Graff1980
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