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Nov 2020
i got my heart broken again
but this time it didn't crumble
the way it did when i lost you
i might have cried a bit
but not enough to drown me
like it did when you left me astray

how long has it been?
i haven't written anything since
i thought i had buried every memory i had with you
but it still haunts me to this day:
all the things lost,
all the things that could have been

i just want to say that i miss you,
and that I still think of you everyday.
you always cross my mind
but i know that you'll never remember me again.
i wish you happiness for always
and i wish i could find joy in love again, too

the kind of love that i found in you - if not better
you let me be myself around you
you accepted my quirks, all the craziness I had in me
'til it made you hate me
the way i hated myself.

I hope that you never got away.
to my totga, hope you are living your best life right now :)
the moon and disorder
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