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Nov 2020
I feel people forget that we are human.
We look upon screens & see gilded faces & edited smiles.
We see carefully constructed personas & glorious sunshine filled moments in the lives of others. We gaze so effortlessly into a screen & marvel at the sight of others.
But see us walk down a street.
Oblivious to the real thing.
Not smiling at strangers but judging them. After all you can't click like.
All you can do is judge right ?
That's what liking is after all.
Passing judgement.
Yet we have forgotten that we are human.
And that we all share doubt, sadness, pain, loss and even sorrow.
We share joy, love & light.
But we all choose to ignore this in the wake of everything we don't share.
Which if you take the time to see is inconsequential in the face of what we do share.
To see what this is, walk down a street with your phone away & your eyes to your fellow man.
You will quickly see what you share.
When you begin to see the smiles of others or the frustration in people's walks or someone smiling.
You will come to realize...
We share life.
And in life it is better to smile at a person. Than give them a like.
Because to smile at someone takes courage. More so than to click a button.
To smile at someone is to see them & allow them to know they are seen.
To like it just to look.
To smile is to see.
We are all humans who seem to have stopped smiling as we have chosen to do more looking.
There are those who look at life &
There are those who see life.
Choose your nature.
Or it will be chosen for you.
And society rarely ever makes decisions that benefit the individual.
Written by
Abraar  22/M
     nish and Bogdan Dragos
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