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Nov 2020
Bethink of times I hurt for you
I weeped for you
Because it made a difference that I loved you
For to love it's to hurt and now
I don't cry
I don't hurt and I don't love, not the way I did before
Tragic to me
Because no one will ever have that part of me
It's inside of you forever
Tangled up with your own bluebird
And they're keeping each other warm while you lock them up
Caged and beaten like what we had
But you keep them close
Because you know
They make you come alive and when I come back around, you can't control that because
You want to be alive
My saddest story, my endless poem
Beautiful in animation
Ceasessly blind to nature's creation
But oh, you see it
You know what you are
That's why you hide yourself
You hurt me because you were sad and afraid
And now you're just sad and afraid inside of yourself
By yourself
And you will be this forever
Where ever you are, whoever you're with
You're alone
But I am still here and I can still make someones sun beam
You keep those birds
Abuse the hell out of them and yourself until the end of time
I still have my heart in all the rain and shine
A wise person might say, forgiveness could be be divine
But they never played your game
I'll always miss you because
I have a heart
More than anything, you have my deepest sympathies
You're so sad it makes me want to hurt for you
To cry for you
But I don't cry
I don't hurt and I don't feel for you...
Not the way I used to
Written by
Stíofáinín  30/F/Ireland
     Janna B, mihailee, ali and Genevieve
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