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Nov 2020
Bing, ba Bing Bing
If you, could only
Ting, ta ting ting
Just listen closely
Bing, ba Bing Bing
And hear, the beauty
Ting, ta ting ting
You would, abso-lutely
Bada Bing, bada Bing Bing
Know, that I love you

My hearts sweet song
Ching, cha ching ching
Will for-ever ring
Dada ting, dada ting ting
I'll prove, you wrong
Ding dada ding ding
When, my heart sings
Bing bada Bing Bing
Its beautiful song
Bada bing, bada Bing Bing
Now, sound the gong
Cause, I ******' love you!!!
I just wanted to do an experimental type of poem and try to express my feelings in a different way. I thought it would be cool to try and make a song sounding poem where the sounds are actually written out to help give it a different feel. I know its kind of lame, but w/e. I like it. ✌
Kenneth Gray
Written by
Kenneth Gray  32/M/Indiana, USA
(32/M/Indiana, USA)   
   Paul Sheridan Sanchez and Eli
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