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Nov 2020
The martial arts Muslim is shopping at a liquor store and sees something bad;
Two criminals are robbing the store and that makes the martial arts Muslim mad.

The male robber is pointing his gun at the cashier and is demanding money from the register, as you can see;
The female robber is standing watch at the front door and I'm sure you'll agree.

The martial arts Muslim will stop the two robbers inside the liquor store;
The male robber is a ******* and the female robber is a *****.

When the martial arts Muslim takes out two wooden darts, he throws the first dart into the back of the male robber's knee;
Before the male robber turns around, the martial arts Muslim throws the second dart into the robber's shoulder immediately.

When the male robber drops his gun, the martial arts Muslim runs towards him and kicks and knocks out the ***;
The female robber tries to attack the martial arts Muslim, which is dumb.

He also kicks and knocks out the female robber, which is cool;
The two robbers are also stupid *** fools.

The cashier thanks the martial arts Muslim for stopping the two robbers, which is polite;
The martial arts Muslim calls the police and what I'm saying is right.

When the police arrive and arrest the two robbers, the martial arts Muslim continues shopping, which is true;
Buying a bag of potato chips, a candy bar, and a bottle of pop is what he would do.

The martial arts Muslim walks out of the liquor store carrying his groceries and goes home, which is swell;
He's still a hero and that's all that I'll tell.
Idris Muntaqim
Written by
Idris Muntaqim  47/M/Eastpointe, MI
(47/M/Eastpointe, MI)   
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