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Jul 2013
I wait for the rain to drench me so I can be washed of my impurities. I'm wishing that the water that streams down me will mask the tears that have been clouding my vision for so long because whenever I think of you my own rainstorm starts inside of me.
I wait for the lightning to hit me so I can be filled with light. I'm hoping that the electricity that courses through me will somehow get through to you so I'm not the only one that feels something when we touch.

I wait for the thunder to deafen me so I don't have to hear the news something along the lines of it's probably not going to be you and me. If I can't hear anything anymore I won't have to worry about listening to the compliments you shower her with day after day.

I wait for the sun to dry me so I don't have to catch more of an illness than I already have. I'm guessing that when the sun comes out I'll shine like a newly cleaned window having been rinsed of the dirt that's been clouding me over for so long now because I know your blue eyes see through me but if I blind you with light then you really won't see anything at all when you look at me.
Kimberly Clemens
Written by
Kimberly Clemens  Life's an adventure.
(Life's an adventure.)   
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