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Nov 2020
The pressure in my Arms is hurting
I don’t know why oh no
I just feel this pressure
Maybe I am thinking of drinking
And being fought by the men
I hate that feeling it drives me insane
I just say I am a medicated fool
Who loves life really I do
Cool man eat my shorts
I don’t drink I don’t smoke
So why are my arms aching
I don’t deserve it, no
I believe in family life
I like partying but I hate getting too drunk
I like looking strong but I hate being fought by the men
I don’t want this pressure to strike my arms
Because I am a family person yeah
I like footy but not fighting the crowd
And I like cheering but not around people too loud
I just wanna be a medicated fool oh yeah
Yes yes yes yes that is me
I was ok when I was on melleril because it started me medicating right
Better on largactil and haloperidol because that calmed me down even more
I hated risperadal because I got crazy look ups from anxiety but largactil sort of was helping
I liked seroquel but I hyped me up
I liked eppelim because it was trying to calm me down
I like being on seroquel and haloperidol because it calms me down but
It brings back some of my bad thoughts from my drinking but I write the bad stuff out of me
I am cool I am not getting fought by the men
And I live my life right
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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