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Nov 2020
Second to nun.
I’ve had all my fun -
in every sense of the word.
Neglect impressions to be seen,
for the sake of what is heard.
Blank tracks sit on the trails where you’ve been.

If you will close your eyes,
and gaze up inside,
this is where you may just find me.
Between the pillar of adorable,
and the column of deplorable -
on little black and blue knees.

I’m sifting through the glittering glimpses,
of all dreams the ego’s fear dare minces,
for the sake of the forgiving machine.

Close your hands together,
and pray for the sake of weather..
it could rain blessings upon thee.
Written by
ᗩᑎᑎᗩᒪIᔕᕮ  24/F
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