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Nov 2020
There are some very important questions that, at some point, every single one of us must be subjective enough to ask ourselves, and realistic enough to answer honestly about the households we are born into.
And they are:
If I wasn't related to these people, would I still like them? Would I choose to be around them everyday, and pledge to them my loyalty without question as I do now, for every other good, moral and meaningful reason, besides my just trying to avoid the guilt I would feel for not doing so, simply because it is what is expected of me?
Does their character invoke or compel my  respect or my admiration?
Do their mannerisms appeal to me as much as I pretend that they do?
Do they consider my feelings as much as I do theirs?
And would they still give me the time of day if I was unwilling to continue to represent their best interests, by making them appear to the rest of the world, to be better people than they truly are beneath the masks they wear, and behind these closed doors?
Mykle Matwaya
Written by
Mykle Matwaya  39/M/Norwalk Ca
(39/M/Norwalk Ca)   
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