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Nov 2020
Donald trump is a
Baby baby really bad baby
When he throws a tantrum
If he loses an election
You see an election should
Be chosen by peoples votes
But if good old Donald trump
Doesn’t get his way
He just throws a tantrum like a baby
But if you must know
Babies are cute
Donald trump isn’t cute
He is a pain in the ***
He should graciously accept defeat
Like a real adult
At least he would say that if he wins
That man is a baby
A real right wing **** of a baby
And the problem is he is even more like
A baby when he gets his republican friends
To join in
Baby baby Donald trump is a baby
Throwing a tantrum
Complaining about life
What a ****** baby
Why not accept joe Biden is the bigger man
But tromp will never accept that
Anyone is bigger than him
He is a baby a tantrum throwing baby
Get over it trump
Biden is just too good
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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