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Nov 2020
at wits' end
i scream at the
universe to release
me of my pains, and
it whispers back at me
in bits and pieces, of random
friendships that are of the kind
that go silent but renew at times
when one or the other needs it
to, until the puzzle-piece
message is completed
and the answer it
gives is, i've
been trying
to... but
you won't
let go of them

a giant hallucinatory
human heart full of green
thorns appears in front
of my mind's eye and
the number of them
is beyond counting
yet i still know
each one of
them intimately,
for they are the memories
i've jealously guarded and let
so fester, the grievances i have
let go of with my mind, but never
my heart, the ones that hurt almost
as much in the present as they did in
the past, but all at once, maybe
through just the knowledge
of this fact, the green
thorns age, whither,
and as they brown
they each one at
once fall to the
ground and
finally it no
longer hurts
edge of the ocean

β€œEven a spineless anthropod sheds what's no longer useful and leaves it behind them. Are you not greater than they?”
Written by
lovejunkie  50/M/Canada
   Yashashvi and solEmn oaSis
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