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Nov 2020
You see Donald trump is dangerous
And gives no **** for the poor
He wants to scrap Obama care
And show em the ****** door
But people are suffering
Underneath Donald trump
Yes oh yes they are
Heal the world
Vote Donald trump out
Vote for Biden because he is better
And life would be good with him
The poor are suffering
Really suffering mate
Heal the world from Donald trump
You see his hat said
Make America great again
But under Donald trump
America isnโ€™t really that great
You see George Floyd died
Because of his ****** laws
Make the world a better place
By getting rid of Donald trump
He doesnโ€™t understand Covid
By telling people
To inject disenfectant into your veins
And said he was only joking
And telling people to take
A drug for Milleria
And nobody is social dinstincing
At all his rallies
You see his crazy promise
A world free of covid
Keep telling us he wants a vaccine
In 2 months
You shouldnโ€™t promise things like that
As a president
Heal the world
Get rid of Donald trump
He is Americaโ€™s most dangerous president
Vote the ******* out
Vote for Biden
If you want the truth
Come on Donald trump *******
Written by
johnny georgy brown
   Jeremy Stacy
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