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Nov 2020
I need a self-intervention
Flush any pill, destroy every weapon
Wish that my mind learned from these lessons
The more that I think, the more I’ve been stressing
Put my teeth to the pavement
All hope is gone, burned and degraded
Still questioning, “Will I still make it?”
Somehow that’s still an understatement
Drown inside of my drinking
Still over thinking, still under sinking
A paranoid android, flickering blinking
Flirting with my demons, so they thought I was winking
Build my heart like an engine
Start again, then forget all that’s regretted
Find me in the dark with the truth in confession
I need a new resurrection

So tell me things
I couldn’t know
Cause we keep running
These straight line slopes
So tell me things
I’d **** to know
Cause we keep running
We keep running

And who knew we’d
Feel pain so long
What made us weak
Will makes us strong
Made us weak that makes us strong
Who knew this pain would stay so long?
What made us weak, will make us strong

Take me back a week ago
It’s going fast, I’m feeling slow
A feeling that I can’t admit
I’m not ready for Christmas spirit
Summer heat turned to Fall leaves
Sad, with nothing left to grieve
Someday this will all go away
But I still wish that became today
Lyrics to my new song
A God Shaped Hole
Written by
A God Shaped Hole  24/M
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