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Nov 2020
This is the feeling this balance
between inebriation and insentience
nice and fleetingly lucid in bent ways
I damage a <things list themselves here deploringly>

Must I feel all these nuances of inked settling ends
mends meantΒ Β rends rent sends unsent vein spent
when's the reasoning coming to rescue this humming
I imagine <all of these rescue scenarios imploringly>

Rescue me andΒ Β I'll rescue you I'll rescue you if I see
rending some ending some sending some aheming
awkward or awake and scrambling across away
I resonate with the scramble amongst the consonance

it gets crunchy here when it all lands thud thud thud
fallen comrades past careful passed help me past
I learned a valuable lesson and the blameless
perhaps you getting away is this envelope of tire
Written by
Dennis Willis  Oh
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