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Jul 2013
we were at the hospital the other day
on acid
saw some people
that looked
started thinking those thoughts
how i would **** them
and get rid of
all of them
the acid talking
i breathed
and stepped out of the hospital to breathe
no smoking sign
telling me i can't do that
right here
fresh air
is near
over here
by the flowers
i smoked
a girl with purple hair
around me
very near
"is that your peoples?"
no no no
i don't know why
he thought she was with me
we were just staring
the flowers looked 3D
the bee inside
looked like some **** from planet earth
i heard it there first
my first trip
a visit
to see a friend
struggling to breathe
while we smoke out front
walked into icu with a blunt
celebrating life
thinking about memories
and how they make us
on what we know
and remember
to tell us the future
it's really what we make it
we can create new
break down barriers
break down the walls
make new paths
in the brain
breathe stronger the next day
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