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Nov 2020
Dear Luna,
It's been 457 days since I last wrote a letter for you. I know you've been through a lot. I've seen you trying to fix yourself yet failing each time. You tried your best to hide those tears from the world by burying your face into yourย ย pillow but my darling,you can't hide them from me. Everytime you opened the bathroom door in the middle of the night, I knew you would break down again. Theย ย strong person that the world sees would soon cry like a little baby and her world would shatter within seconds. There were days when you just wanted to curl up and die. Yes, your journal told me that. You're not okay and there's nothing wrong in accepting that.You'll surely bounce back stronger. You've came a long way. I've seen you grow a lil' better each day. You are trying to pick up the broken pieces of your heart and I belief your soul will heal gradually. Allow time to do the magic.You'll get there soon. I promise(even if I know how much you hate promises). Look outside, the sky looks a bit clearer, ain't it? Cheer up. The road seems to be rough and full of potholes that you might stumble and fall but you gotta stand up again. It's not about what waits for you on the other side. It's the climb that matters. You'll see the beauty in a wildflower again. You'll love your reflection on the mirror again.You'll discover the colours of a rainbow again.You'll learn to love life again. Just keep your ship sailing. The unseen harbour might be near, you never know!
Anyways, I should stop writing now. Just know dear, I'll be there with you always even if the world shuts the door on your face.I'll pick you up when you're getting down. You deserve everything. Keep shining. Now, smileeee:)
Thanks for reading:)
A letter to oneself is the best self therapy. Try it, you'll feel better!
Not a poem, sorry:')
Written by
Diya  19/F
         Bardo, SiouxF, Sk Abdul Aziz, Ms Anjaan, Luz and 30 others
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