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Oct 26
I sometimes feel the need to be loved
To be taken care of, to be heard
To be free from my notions clouded with misery
Sometimes all I urge for is a stab of sympathy

So immersed in pain I am, it has almost ripped my soul
I have cried the tears of blood, silent screams have now torn me apart
I sometimes wish for the pain to glide out of the thick layers of my skin and evaporate
I am no longer left with the power to feel the emotions in my heart

Even if I can sense the pain evaporated, for now
I know above my head, it has formed clouds
The ones that in no time will rain on me
Harder than in the days gone by. Helping the stifled anxiety to arouseΒ Β 

I am so lost into my mind, I can hear nothing but the winds whispering
Tickling my bruised body, inflicting agony. Obstructing ecstasy from quenching my thirst.
I can now feel a subtle hint of pain in all my bones
In between the chaos, my passions have succumbed to dust
Written by
Tylor  32/M
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