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Jul 2013
Flying with words from a Buddhist,
Fully understanding why I do this.

Through the thick grasses of what used to be
Vibrations grew, leading me to the new, beautifully.
Pushed passed predators policing my passionate prison,
To find the transparent temple of tranquility was always within.
The phoenix has risen, and the flakes of ash laid out the now vibrant path
Sprouting plants, and cherished moments alike.

I had a groove movin' though me
and it was so surreal that I felt I had to give out that electric feel.
Crowds of countless surrounded a gate watching performers at play.
I was where I wanted to be, and wouldn't have it any other way
The tempo picked up and amplified vibes throughout,
It rains through our souls as if we've been enduring a drought
Intensity increased and we got lifted off the herbal medication.
Took everything in with my senses, total awareness meditation.
Spotted a brown-eyed beauty in my peripheral,
Locked into contact the connection was mystical

All worries and concerns in this space and time were less than minimal

Hands grazed sparking the flame of something physical
Made a space in my magnetic field, that she knew just how to fill
Our bodies locked together, in a sea of individuals
A love was shared right there with the pair, unequivocal.

Stars align for moments in time,
And this was one of those bliss-ridden moments
Where you just wanna delicately hold it
~Like I held her~
Direct hand and body implantations of warm vibrations
Brought further realizations on how to live

I continued on,
Following breaths knowing I had nothing but love to give,
and a smile to wear.
I don't know exactly where I'm going,
but I know I'll be there
With spare energy to emit unto you, and you to infinity

Our destinies are recipes,
That manifest when we realize we were already blessed with the ingredients.
Don't let fear or worry rule, when results are not immediate,
Because everything you are, and everything you do,
is significant.

Be the bearers of love you want to stumble upon
Which may be on someone's lawn,
Sharing smiles and laughter until the light indicates dawn.
Expose your universe through openness, and equanimity, letting your divinity shine through.
Then, friends, you attract waves of radiation from the pure that want to share their world with you.

Expectations can cause complications,
So look around and ~just be~.

Instinctively interested in the intricate,
Imagination captivating me, so I'll close my eyes and sit with it.
I leave pieces of me wherever I go,
But it took me a long time to realize I was always whole.
I openly give my heart out, some would call it a steal
But none can say I don't genuinely reach out without zeal
Growing forever, watering my roots
Ecstatically entangled in a web of mystery, nomadic in this book.
Changing history, but sometimes it's satisfying to reread,
~Let's have another look~

No pictures on the pages, but each word is so evocative to me

So I must continue writing, and experimenting with experiences
Loving from the inside out, reading body language.
*One step at a time, this is going to be a story for the ages
Written by
   Meghan p, Pradip Chattopadhyay, ---, ZWS and ---
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