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Oct 23
Adrift amongst the endless cold.
Burning with embers that never grow old.
Here I sat for many years.
Slowly pulled by my neighboring peers.

Pure energy streams from my eternal fires.
Warming up from my immediate desires.
What a joy to be watching from out here.
Reaching out to all things both far and near.

My favorite game is that of tug and war.
Using my mass to lure in so much more.
In they come to fuel my wage.
A never ending, burning, cosmic rage.

Out here it is survival of the biggest.
The brightest, largest, densest, fittest.
Only these hold their weight,
In this cosmic soup of Heaven's gate.

Come join me, if you so wish.
My secrets served on this stellar milky dish.
Come to me, my traveling friend.
Knowledge I have in mass to lend.

Seek your way amongst us in your ships.
Have no fears if the hull rips.
Fear not the vastness of space.
Fear only that which leads to your own disgrace.

I wait patiently for you to come.
Empires have been born, and become undone.
Yet I know one day you shall come to visit me.
As I sit watching, waiting, isolated from thee.
Written by
- K T P -  Oakland, California
(Oakland, California)   
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