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Oct 23
I Don't Know How To Get To You

I spent whole Day in My Room

Spare Me, Lady Day

I can't seem to Kick out The Blues

My Heart Feels So Heavey

Solwely Sinking

in The Depths Of Gloom

I wanna Write Long Love Letter

With Blood Pouring Out My Wrists

I feel So sad, Lonely and Everything

Is Nothing with Twist

I'm seeing Faces

coming Out of the walls

Joker Is Smiling On the Cross

I think I Lost My Mind

The Day that I Iost You

whatever They Told Me Came True

I don't how to get out my head

Nights & Knives Go Hand in Hand

It was Bittersweet

I wept All This week

You were The Egg

That I couldn't keep

I Dropped you like A Tear

Eden Eye turned A Blind Eye

Seeing you Drown In your own Blood

For I was To Blame

For This Cruel Frame

it was too late

We were already there

Beyond The Valley of The Dolls

Is The Valley ofΒ Β The Dead

She Calmly Spoke To my ear

Do You Love Me The Same way

That I Love You?
I couldn't leave my Room today because

I felt so ugly and depressed today

But who I'm kidding it's everyday
Written by
imehsahdehahs  22/from hell
(22/from hell)   
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