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Oct 23
I'll bite my tongue til it's black and blue.
Tongue tied by karma
And repetitive thoughts of you.
Can't let you know it all,
And risk giving you more power over me.
I can only trust and pray to the powers that be.
I suffer in silence
Every single day.
I only have this one life
And I don't see another way.
Yes I wish things were different,
But it always stays the same.
Maybe from my cowardice,
Or is it because I'm brave?
I ask Him every single morning,
"Why, just why?"
And all I get is silence,
So I cling to hope that whatever's meant for you,
Will never pass you by.
Chelsea Rae
Written by
Chelsea Rae  ut
       Sk Abdul Aziz, Sam, Fawn, BLT and Chelsea Rae
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