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Oct 2020
It's almost poetic,
The way we give ourselves to others without a second thought,
Just so we could feel something,
Other than the holes in our chests.
The aches our hearts give us,
Craving the touch of the one we want most,
To be held,
To be loved,
To be wanted.
So, we give our flesh,
To appease the longing we crave,
In hopes of quieting the demons that claw their way out at night,
Creating craters in the no-mans land we call our love.
To love freely,
To be loved freely,
Is such a beautifully terrifying thing.
Isn't it?
We offer our flesh to the ones who will take it in hopes of filling the overgrowing void in our hearts.
Written by
Allyssa  20/F/South Carolina
(20/F/South Carolina)   
   The Young Poet
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