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Oct 22
And when the pages tore, she was born.
2. Where the cracks between education and determination split, she emerges. Naked and raw. Cheeks wet with tears she is an Angel. Her third eye is wide open and it is ready to observe. To listen to the sound of your chest heaving in the dark.
3. She is not here to be your salvation. She is her own.
4. There is a place where Heaven and Earth meet. Where the sky opens up and expands on forever. Where the clouds hold no rain. There, she is home.
5. When you are lost in the dark, do not go searching for her. You will only find fallen feathers. Her wings shed when you beg her to do the impossible. To save you.
6. If you see her blink you must be mistaken. Her eyes have been wide open since her Creation. Since her Birth. She is not looking for you, however. You are a passtime.
7. Don’t believe you have the power to change your fate. Don’t believe she will choose to.
8. Where raw dirt and sand lay, look for your future. See it in the ever changing swirls, the broken glass. See it in her tears, soaking the pavement. Flooding the Earth.
9. Break your own heart time and time again, but she will not come to mend it.
10. When she is ready to observe you, do not hesitate. She can end you with a breath. You are a passtime, remember? You are nothing in the eyes of an Angel.
Written by
Grey Poduska
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