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Oct 22
A profession lasts and lasts
a lifetime in weal and woe
about 100,000 hours

of doing what is possible
as if you don't care
that your wishes are impossible

doing what is possible
as if it is all over
and you enjoy every addition

alternately gasping for air
in the flood and being dry
in the ebb in the midst of the hissing

breathing of the algae – the waves
of divided CoWorking
in a world full of kings and cows

but I am neither –
Why should I choose
Cow or King?

I know my responsibilities
and my duties as a citizen
how I should behave

as a man, what I should do
and not do, and what my path is
as a woman, how I am just a person

in clothes that caress me
For Marije Semmelink #2

Diatom/alga (bacillariophyt) Hantzchia virgata, a eukaryote

Collection β€œOnce more"
Written by
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