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Oct 2020
I like halloween parties
I like to have some fun
But I never get to have
Parties like that
Because I don’t work
I would think it would be fun
And dressing up can be fun
And drinking red cordial punch
With Lolly snakes as worms  
Really makes it so Devine
I don’t want to be alone
But I am too old to have ***
I don’t want people thinking I want ***
Very hard to believe
I had ****** thoughts in 2013
I was sexually frustrated so I went to the psych ward
But when I was in there
I was telling everyone
I wanted to put my artwork on the walls
To brighten up the place a bit
And I wanted to help in the celebrations
Of parties for Xmas Halloween and Easter
And I would be dressed up as the Easter bunny
Yes I think that will be so cool
I know they are kids holidays
But it will be ****** fun oh yeah
Just good food and drinks but no beer
Because alcohol sounds so bad
I would like to have a lot of fun
And dress up as people you know
Put a devil mask on
And a coloured wig and ****
And a pitch fork to say
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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