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Oct 14
Upon the face of blue-green
globe in endless, unfelt spin
amid a vast and still expanding space
life unfolds in movement
crawling, flying, swimming
sinuous, slow or fast in
terms of grace and pace

Mountains soar to pierce
the endless skies of storm or calm
where clouds mist pinnacles
of green, of fiery red, or white
Sun warms by day, then stars
in frosted wonder grace
with diamonds the velvet night

Crawling creatures, the still earth
in endless movement carpet
Flying creatures fill the skies
with hum and swish of beating wing
and every swimming creature
stirs the fathomed depths
and makes the Sailor's heart
with longing sing

And in the crown that graces all of Earth
a treasure trove of jewels in splendour lie
blossoms that in shape and form and colour
fill with awe and wonder heart and eye

Such is Nature, realm of the great Creator
Realm of the Artist who with brush unseen
paints the world with red, blue, gold and silver
orange, yellow, white and blue and green
Nature; the world
sheila sharpe
Written by
sheila sharpe  72/F/Kegworth
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