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Oct 2020
I hate writing
         Writing to me does not convey the meaning behind my words
   Writing restrains me from translating the tornado of my thoughts
         My words form into the stone they are set in
               What said in writing becomes who you are
                     One kind act in a book, a saint canonized for eternity
                          One bad tweet, let that be future’s unknown burden
               Writing is the glorifier and the change inhibitor
       I don’t like writing because I lose my sense of being
  I reveal what and how I think of and to the world
       And the world just stares blankly
                like crowds in astonishment or in ridicule
                         While others proceed to shine above
                      whilst writing and faking their way through words
                             A scene from Shakespeare
                                     Said so fast with so many meanings,
                                difficult to interpret if there was vision to begin
                                 I’m not saying I am bad at writing
                           I am able to reveal cyclones in essays
                         Hurricanes in space
              Words spoken never to be heard aloud,
                  Comedies and tragedies
                       Love notes and suicide letters
                             Novels and Scriptures
                                  Songs and Ballads
   All for what?
                                        For a chance to travel a point
                                           To break through a closed mind
                                               Set an idea that may change views
                                                   To let the reader view the world
                                              Through the eyes of a stranger or friend
           Why not let them?
                                                 Why am I to take myself too seriously
                                            For humans are most comical when
                                       We take ourselves too solemnly,
                                We over think ourselves into storms
                       But we also fly through typhoons
                 We build great nations from tribulation
                     We explore new lands from eruptions
                          We create new worlds from black holes
                                We travel through space and time from chaos
                                       We create wonderlands out of madness
                                                      But­ to do so,
                                                 first we write
                                                           ­  。
DJ Bubbles
Written by
DJ Bubbles  21/M
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