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Oct 2020
I reckon I am kinda cute
I love to watch the AFL
And support teams that
Don’t often win that game
I like to watch Sydney v Carlton
And I say Sydney Sydney Sydney
Or Carlton Carlton Carlton
And when Adam Goodes scores a goal
I used to say onya goodsey
Now if Eddie betts scores a goal
I say onya bettsy
I used to sit there with teddy bears
As a collection item
I liked drinking lots and lots Coca Cola
And I used to say free instead of three
Saying I was cute
I liked tony lockett when he played for the swans I said well done plugger
And Barry hall took Lockett’s place
I said good onya bazza
Punch that other player
Mind you I don’t like bazza punching
I think he had alien hand syndrome
I wanted to help the homeless
Get a home cooked meal
Or have a home in a hotel
With round the clock dental and medical work
I like young kids who love to perform music going to meet and greets with their fans
I like making sure my washing is up to date
And my washing is done
I love to wear a Canberra Raiders top
And if they make the grand final
I used to go to their club to watch the game and cheer on the team with their fans
I have two adorable Neices Caitlin and Susan
Who love what they can out of life
I like bindi Irwin and her brother Robert
How they love animals saying they are just like humans
I cheer on the brumbies
To win the super 15
And even if the wallabies have no chance on winning I still like it if they fluke one
But I don’t like cheating
Cheaters never prosper
I love my life too much to **** myself
But I find it hard with people who talk about killing them selves
I think medication can soothe you
And help you get better
I love to be loud because that prevents yot
From being taken by people
I have false teeth because I acted like a kid
I think overall I am cute
Yes Brian Allan is cute
Able to get a women in minutes
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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