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Oct 14
It’s the way she looks at me with adoration,
It’s the mouth that tilts up with a smile,
It’s those eyes;
her heavy lids- just sweetness, and
lips parted slightly for a while-
It’s the way she’s sculpted marble,
but warm and real in my hands;
It’s the toned biceps and hips and chest,
blending beautifully into round ******* and thighs;
It’s the way she makes me feel so wanted,
yet safe and giddy and shy
It’s her quiet giggle but harsh love-threats,
it’s her optimism that turns to desire;
She’s tender and oh-so-beautiful,
face alight with golden fire-
And when that sweetness trembles, she’s got me flustered too,
I want to touch her slowly,
but also allow her to watch me reduce...
intimacy with my beautiful
Written by
Acora  18/F
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