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Oct 2020
Chicken burgers fries and coke
And after that you have a smoke
You are a very big dope
Eating chicken burgers fries and coke
Every day seems the same
Some young people say your lame
But they go to KFC
To get a chicken burger just for me
Bidney Bidney bidney
Is what I em saying tonight
And if my team losss
They won’t go down
Without a fight
Watching cricket
Feeling rad
Chicken burgers
Are a fad
Watching Beethoven for his birthday
I am a man you are a kid
I know more than you ever did
About what to eat at restaurants yeah
Even if it makes you fat
You don’t care
Chicken chicken chicken
Burgers fries and coke
Stops anxiety yes it does
Unless you are a negative man
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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