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Oct 2020
I don’t really think that looking up
Is worth going to the psych ward for
You see the psych ward is like prison
And I hate the sight of the place
If you sit in the foyer
Doing your writing
People threaten to rip it all up
No looking up isn’t psych ward material
Even if it is anxiety
And pushing on your brain
Just do art or watch cricket mate
Or watch YouTube live streams
If you feel anxious I will feel
People are out to get me
I feel I could get robbed
Even if I don’t get robbed outside
So when I feel anxiety coming
I do art I drink water
I watch sport I do writing
To get bad thoughts out of my head
Just write anxiety out of me
And then try and relax
If it is hard to relax mate
Just tie yourself to your bed
And squeeze the anxiety out of your body
But try not to squeeze hard enough to ****
Just pretend the evil spirits get on you
And hold for a short ransom
Please don’t send please don’t send
Me to the psych ward
Because I am too cool for that place
Even if looking up could send me there
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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