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Oct 6
Dig beneath the surface
Despite best intentions,
You’re probably going to feel guilty.
You’re going to make mistakes.
Regret can make you better,
Part of learning
Much more damaging:
harmful thoughts
feeling bad at the core
“What kind of monster am I?”
“I am worthless.”
“It’s all my fault.”
“I don’t deserve this.”
A destructive effect.
Want to hide from others.
Keep it to yourself,
Anger is turned outward:
Sharing our worst selves,
with the ones we love.
Always an underlying problem,
    fear or hurt,
“That’s just the way I am.”
Get frustrated and walk away,
Unaware of deeper emotions.
Ultimately - powerlessness,
Much tougher to face.
“I can’t make them happy.”
“They might leave.”
Inadequacy is often intertwined,
Fear of judgement.
A stereotype that has lingered
“I feel inept”
Slow to identify vulnerable emotions
People know no other way,
Take responsibility for how you feel,
And begin to unravel it.
Reference -
Dan Filcek
Written by
Dan Filcek  46/California
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