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Oct 2020
My friend Daniel Sanderson was annoying me, ya know wanting to **** himself in November and I did nothing to stop him because of his short fuse he has about his ****** life so every night I went to the spirits of my previous lives and started to wonder how can I understand Daniel because even if he wants to end his life I would miss him, so last Thursday my previous life Graeme Thorne really got inside Daniels head with a very strong anxiety attack and the next day he was in the psych ward and I want him to be ok even if he has eye problems and overweight and let’s not forget the problems with his knee and I know I can’t live In the past when we were all younger but I just don’t want him to **** him self
Because he says mentally ill people can’t
Change the world
Be who they want to be
Have big groups of friends
Etc etc etc
Just because he doesn’t
And I wanted him to stop talking about
Doing the cowards way out by killing himself
But I need to understand him
But best of all I want him to get the help he needs
I don’t think I am the psych ward type
Because I love my life too much to want
To **** myself
I am not visiting him
Just talking on the phone to him
Covid and I don’t want him to drag me down
I thank Graeme for giving him enough anxiety to get the help he needs
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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